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Among all the famous characters which history mingles with that of Bry, Louis Jacques Mandé DAGUERRE is the one that the city has the most honored: a place, a boulevard, a room, a school named after him. Why such recognition?

Daguerre, born in 1787, came to Bry in 1839. Previously, he had been known in Paris as a Decorator at the "Théâtre de l'Ambigu", then at the Opera. After attending, in addition, the realization of paintings of "panoramas" in created rooms for this purpose, Daguerre made build a building, the DIORAMA, to represent, from 1822, painted on canvas, on one side, shows then on 2 faces. The light from the front and also, in transparency, by behind, animates the canvas and in transforming the view of amazing and very realistic.

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Seeking to enhance the principle of the darkroom he used to achieve its dioramas, he joined with Niepce and discovers the process of "daguerreotypes", starting point of photography.

Its room Diorama was destroyed in a fire and the patent for the invention of the daguerreotype was bought by the State in the form of an annuity, Daguerre attached to Bry, in 1839, where he bought a property.

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In 1842, he painted a diorama for the Church. This monumental canvas, placed at the bottom of the choir, gives to the nave depth believing a magnificent Gothic choir, that the play of light changes throughout the day.
This DIORAMA, classified a historic monument, is a unique work, the only one diorama in the world. State of the canvas has become, over the years, more and more disturbing, despite some previous restorations, a new restoration was decided by the city.
Started in 2006, it has completed in 2013. On the other hand, the renovation of the choir has been made from 2011 to 2013 so that it finds the appearance he had in 1842. Put in its place in 2013, the DIORAMA was presented to the public at the "Journées du Patrimoine" on September 2013.
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Since it is visible every day at the opening of the Church.
Guided visits are possible: go to the tourist information Office.

Other actions are underway or planned: evolution of the lighting system of the diorama; restoration of buildings of the property of Daguerre, acquired by the municipality, and its Park.

Daguerre died in Bry in 1851 and is buried there.

The City Museum, "André Mentienne" has various works of Daguerre and a collection of old and contemporary daguerreotypes and devices.